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Please note that you must log into Facebook to access your saved park if for some reason you do not remain logged into Facebook in DragonVale.. The way to save your progress for an app will vary.. How do I add friends to my DragonVale park? And/Or I am getting a content has been reported as abusive message when trying to add my Facebook friends. DragonVale. Can I play my iOS (Apple) DragonVale park on my Android device or vice versa?. FANDOM Games Movies TV Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University My Account Sign In Don’t have an account? 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Forum > Questions and Answers board > Facebook login on Ipad? (Closed) The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. (All Backflip Studios apps require version 2.3 or higher)Have you checked the app store to see if an update is available for the game or tried reinstalling the game?Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail as possible.What carrier are you using (AT&T, Verizon etc)?What device are you using? What model is it?What game are you playing (please be specific, i.e., NinJump vs. Sci-Fi Women Fantasy Food Last Jedi Cake . Please note that you may see a warning if you use the Invite Friends tab. We’d be happy to help. 2. My App wont load. Oops. You should see a FB login/logout button. Sign in Submit a request My activities . The information will be listed at bottom.You can also view current available SD memory by going to Manage Apps and tapping on On SD card. Associating Local Parks to Facebook. .. Now open DragonVale on your device. Your Local park should now be associated with your Facebook accountIf you receive an additional prompt after selecting Facebook, you likely will want to pick the higher level park (this will only happen if you have played DragonVale with your Facebook account in the past). A copy of your receipt – you can copy and paste the information from the email receipt you got after making the purchase but we do need this information in order to credit the purchase. Android devices typically have much less local memory than an SD card. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. DragonVale accounts and their data are NOT transferable between iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Open the Google Play Store appPress Menu and then touch SettingsTouch Set or change PINEnter a PIN code, and touch OKRe-enter your PIN to confirmCheck the box for Use PIN for purchases. To save DragonVale park progress while using an Android device, you will need to use a Facebook account.Games such as Army of Darkness Defense or NinJump are local games. We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers Wikia is not accessible if youve made further modifications. It’s one of the options you have through the „Social” icon. Possible causes may be low RAM or the version of Android on your device. Troubleshooting. Force stop app and restartClose all other apps that may be runningMove apps from the devices local memory to the SD card 5a02188284

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